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So I have a tiny problem.

I'm going to CompuCollege taking Dental Administrative Assistant.
I've always wanted to be a secretary & then I finaly go into the Dental Assistant course since I couldn't get into any other ones at CompuCollege since my marks were so bad in High School. (I originaly wanted to do Medical Office Assistant)

First thing bad with this situation:
1) I HATE THE DENTIST (deathly terrified)

As i'm in my 4th month of this course (doing modules of spreadsheets & word processing) I'm starting to realize that this isn't really for me.
Also, as I've been working at McDonalds for the last year & a half & knowning how I HATE dealing with people. (bad idea for a secretary)

I have come to realize that maybe I made a HUGE mistake doing a people orientated career.
Thing is: I thought I would like it cause that's what i've always wanted to do.. or thought I did. And that's been since I was like 10 & i've changed a lot since then.

Second thing wrong with this situation:
2) I want to do a trade such as a Car Mechanic. I've always been interested in fixing cars, or even doing electrician or carptenter.

I'm 19 years old & starting to understand who I really am so it's hard right now to explain to my mom that I don't want to do it anymore.
She thinks I should just stay in the course & finish it. Have something to go on my resume.

Should I:

A) Drop out of CompuCollege after my first "year" ends (in a couple months maybe?) & lose about $5,000. (The course is $10,000 for one year)


B) Stay in school & finish up my course and try working as a Dental Assistant/Secretary for a little while before going to NSCC to become a Mechanic. (Saving up money and such)

I'm scared I won't like being a secretary or Dental Assistant at all and then I would have wasted 10 grand.

I wish I never went to CompuCollege now. I should have waited the full year before going back to school. I was sucked into going in January. These extra few months could have saved me a lot of money. *cries*

Advice please??

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