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Date:2008-08-12 23:29

Were you in it? Did you like it? Why or why not?

How long did it take you?

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Date:2007-09-22 15:37
Subject:I am looking for some one to make a Clay bust. i will pay!!!

My study is based on whether or not perceived attractiveness among humans has an evolutionary foundation. I am researching the differences between touch perception and sight perception.

To aid in my research, I would like to find person who is able to make a mould of a symmetrical face.  Ideally, I would like the facial features to imitate pictures of a face at various angles (the face would not need to be painted). Otherwise, a mould could be taken from a real person’s face, then it would need to be modified into a symmetrical face (in this case, it would need to be painted to look as realistic as possible).  Naturally, I will pay whoever adopts this project.

I can be contacted at:  nbuchanan@eastlink.ca

Thanks a bunch,

Please do not comment on this post This is a post for my Aunt she does not have LJ.
thanks Naomi

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Date:2007-09-22 13:22
Subject:I want to start up the meeting again.

Hey do you have any more friends that like Harry Potter.

I am hoping to re-connect with some people that love Harry as much as I do.
I want to start up the coffee meeting that " halipotter  " (halifax Harry Potter Community Group ) that we use to hold last year.
you should join the other group now that you live in the City.
if you know of some that read the books or like the movies and you think they might like to join pass this info along.
X post in  Nova Scotia  Communities and Harry Potter Communities.

I would also like to note that there is an other HP Group [info]harrypotter_ns

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Date:2007-05-07 22:37

Someone needs to add the new campus to the schools list.

Anyone been to the new campus? It's so beautiful.

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Date:2006-12-07 19:07
Subject:Hello everyone.

Hey everyone, I am just Poting to say Hi to all the people that agreed that nscc was the best place to go. Anyone want to talk just add me.

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Date:2006-12-01 14:36
Subject:I need some one to help me with my Flash MX

My problem is that I am out side text from out side of Flash web site.
I have the some of the pages on the site working just find the action code is working like a charm.
But other pages which have all the same info on it and the same action coding on it as well but with different text files names are not working and for the life of me i cant make it work....
I am so freaking out.....
And thinking now that I am crazy because I can’t make the couple of pages work.

thanks so much 

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Date:2006-12-01 14:22
Subject:help is some one heading to the valley Dec. 2

As long as I can meet you some where in the HRM, that would be great...
I will go splits on gas...
I am going down there to see friends...
For the weekend.

Well email me at
or reply to this comment.

X post to a bunch of Nova Scotia Community.

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Date:2006-06-29 19:28
Subject:Calling all artist and people who like fun.

Go To this crazy cool web site,
My art teacher sent it to me
and well its kind of addictive.


hey post a cool picture from what you make at that site
using your print screen button
happy playing

Friday *S*

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Date:2006-06-04 19:30

I don't know if this post is allowed in the community, if not, let me know or delete it.

I'm a freelance journalist using livejournal as a way to see what is happening in communities/cities/towns in the maritimes. I'm on the search for subjects and story ideas. I'm a student at St. Thomas University. If anyone has any story ideas, any issues, problems, a hot tip, or something just doesn't seem right - feel free to contact me via e-mail or through livejournal.

All comments will be left screened to ensure the confidentiality of posters and will not be viewed by anyone other than myself.


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Date:2006-05-14 21:46
Mood: sad

So I have a tiny problem.

I'm going to CompuCollege taking Dental Administrative Assistant.
I've always wanted to be a secretary & then I finaly go into the Dental Assistant course since I couldn't get into any other ones at CompuCollege since my marks were so bad in High School. (I originaly wanted to do Medical Office Assistant)

First thing bad with this situation:
1) I HATE THE DENTIST (deathly terrified)

As i'm in my 4th month of this course (doing modules of spreadsheets & word processing) I'm starting to realize that this isn't really for me.
Also, as I've been working at McDonalds for the last year & a half & knowning how I HATE dealing with people. (bad idea for a secretary)

I have come to realize that maybe I made a HUGE mistake doing a people orientated career.
Thing is: I thought I would like it cause that's what i've always wanted to do.. or thought I did. And that's been since I was like 10 & i've changed a lot since then.

Second thing wrong with this situation:
2) I want to do a trade such as a Car Mechanic. I've always been interested in fixing cars, or even doing electrician or carptenter.

I'm 19 years old & starting to understand who I really am so it's hard right now to explain to my mom that I don't want to do it anymore.
She thinks I should just stay in the course & finish it. Have something to go on my resume.

Should I:

A) Drop out of CompuCollege after my first "year" ends (in a couple months maybe?) & lose about $5,000. (The course is $10,000 for one year)


B) Stay in school & finish up my course and try working as a Dental Assistant/Secretary for a little while before going to NSCC to become a Mechanic. (Saving up money and such)

I'm scared I won't like being a secretary or Dental Assistant at all and then I would have wasted 10 grand.

I wish I never went to CompuCollege now. I should have waited the full year before going back to school. I was sucked into going in January. These extra few months could have saved me a lot of money. *cries*

Advice please??


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Date:2006-03-29 19:09
Subject:Graphic Design

So I got accepted into the Graphic Design course. I will attending classes at the downtown Halifax site on Granville Street again next year.

I was just wondering if anyone else is going into the program next year, or if anyone else has taken it. If you've taken it before, what would you recommend in the way of money and time management?

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Date:2006-03-06 19:25

room for rent from april-end of august (possibly in sept)

can move in around the middle of april with the rest of that months rent already paid!!

fully furnished 1 bedroom available to share with 25 yo repectful, friendly, clean female.
no pets allowed :(
only non-smokers need apply

rent 425/mth, heat and hot water included
+ cable/net: 40/mth
+ ~ 20/mth electricity

on quinpool
right above the superstore, canadian tire, etc.

laundry facilities in bld

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Date:2006-01-30 21:11

I live in Liverpool, Nova Scotia and I'm a server at a pub called the Crickets Harp Inn, and we are currently hosting an Open Mic Talent Search every Tuesday for 10 weeks, it has already started and is into it's third week tomorrow.

If you are in a band or know of a band that trying to get out there, this could be a good opportunity for you. They are offering a prize package full of all kind of goodies to the winner, including some studio time with Tim Feswick Recording Company.

It starts at 8 pm in the pub every Tuesday, you/your band will play about 1/2 an hour (about 5 songs) for the Crickets Harp audience, at the end of the night the audience will pick which band will be coming back for the finalist round(the last 2 of the 10 weeks).

There are some rules also, you and any member of your band have to be 19 years or older. You can not have already released a cd. You have to have some original music, you can't preform all covers from other bands (but a one or two is alright). Voice synthesizers are not allowed. No big drum sets. No taped music.

Everything else is welcome.

If you have any other questions or if your interested in signing up, you can call The Crickets Harp Pub at (902)354-4000.

The Crickets Harp Pub can be found at 149 Main St. Liverpool. If you live in the area and want to check us out.

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Date:2006-01-15 11:31

Hey y'all, I'm going to be going to the NSIT in the fall, and want to move fairly close (ie, under 30 minute walk), and I was wondering if people have any places I should avoid, or any great deals. I'll be living alone, so a bachelor or 1 bedroom would be fab. I'll likely get the place in the summer as well. If anyone has any tips, they would be greatly appreciated!

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Date:2005-12-13 16:22

has anyone here taken the screen arts course? if so, could you please tell me how it was and what you thought of it? my concern is finding a career out of it in halifax--i'm not entirely sure what the whole thing entails. i'm thinking about taking it next september but if it's not worth it, i don't want to waste the money.

thanks very much. (:

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Date:2005-11-16 01:37

I am 25/f and I live in Halifax and am looking for a roommate for Jan-May.
Is there anyone out there who needs a place to stay???
Its on Quinpool and 425 a month

The net and cable is 40 a month and electricity is around 20.

It is fully furnished.

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Date:2005-11-13 22:56

I think we need to take a serious look at the interests of this community, it's kind of embarassing that a major interest of the nscc student is snow days, it's a college not a preschool. I don't mean to offend anybody but it's an observation I made and felt like I should share.

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Date:2005-09-26 15:33

Hey! I'm Jessica and I am attending the temporary Halifax Downtown campus on Granville street. I get to go there for the whole two years it be there. Unfortunetly, I won't get to go to the new campus that's being built. I'm taking ACAP and I plan on taking Graphic Design next year. So far things have been pretty good. The instructors are great and seem very approachable, I've met lots of new people, and I'm generally enjoying myself. So yeah... fun stuff ^.^

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Date:2005-09-25 00:32

Hey, I'm taking carpentry at the NSCC in Bridgewater

I took the PLAR exams for both computer and communications and owned at both, and I work in the library. Good yarns at the college, anyway I'm new if you haven't clicked into that by now, nice to meet you all.

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Date:2005-09-06 14:22
Mood: wewt college

I just moved on friday and can not find my papers on the first day of school. Does any one when i have to arrive at NSIT tommorow?

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